Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday PSA: If you're making other's happy, make sure you're happy as well

I found this photo on Facebook, I don't know who the original creator was, so if the original creator can step forward, I will remove the photo or give you credit.

How this photo spoke to me: I don't know about everyone lately, but it's been a week that's felt so long. I've tried keeping everyone happy. I tried to make everyone else smile. Everyone except for myself. It wasn't like my weekend was bad nor my life was bad, but I didn't think I needed to come first.

Why did I need to be number one? My husband, my kids, my family, my pets. They all need me to be there for them. I don't tend to think about how I need to smile for them.

It wasn't until I saw the photo that it made sense:
As soon as this photo was part of my Facebook feed, when I needed time to think. I couldn't figure out why my moods were crazy. Why I didn't feel as full as I did when I helped people and saw the happiness in their eyes. I am someone too! I can't forget that I won't forget that.

Back to that Oprah-like advice:  It was November when I did that writing prompt the one that kind of changed the way I saw things. I'm not reminded that If I want to be selfless and be kind like my grandma was. I needed to learn not to bite off more than  I can chew. We are all human and we need to remember that we are all human. We also meaning me.

Because of that I'm not going to change the way I blog, the way that I find things that can help others, but I'm also going to find ways that I can smile the way that I can make my life feel a little more complete as well. That's what this blog is for to help other's learn what my life was like show people aspects of my life, but also help others. This is one of those aspects that need to be changed a little bit.

Share whatever it may be in your life your smile, your happiness, your selflessness. Just remember that you too are somebody, give yourself some happiness, a smile or whatever it may be. You matter as well.

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