Thursday, April 25, 2019

Tag Thursday: Random Facts About Me Tag:

Welcome to all of the people coming to my page for a giveaway. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Now that my page is becoming more than a blip on someone's radar, I knew exactly what tag I wanted to do for today. One where people could get to know me, learn about yourself and hopefully you'll get to know why I started this blog and all of that jazz.

This particular tag came from Mama Kat's Losin it (again). I would have found some other place for my tags, but this tag is exactly what I'm looking for to introduce myself to people and to possibly teach some of my regulars more about me. I did remove some of the questions because they were repetitive or didn't really apply to me.

1. Name

2. Zodiac Sign

3. Nicknames
Jen, Kate (Inspired by DC Comics)

4. 3 Things I love
My kids, music, and reading

5. 3 Fears
Spiders, playground slides (I'll explain this fear one day), dying alone or being unwanted when I die.

6. Last song I listened to.
Be happy the last song I listened to was NOT Baby Shark the last song I listened to was Feel Good Inc. Covered by Robyn Adele Anderson

7. Your high school GPA
I don't remember

8. What you ate today
GF Tortilla's with some scrambled tofu, and french fries for breakfast/lunch, I probably over carbed myself. Dinner was pretty easy just some GF veggie chicken. I haven't been very hungry and I'm still recovering from a migraine, so I'm trying to eat whatever my body tells me to eat.

9. Number of siblings
I have 2 siblings, a 21-year-old brother, and a 28-year-old sister. Maybe one day I'll do a guest blog with them.

10. Favorite vacation
I haven't gone on many vacations, to be honest. But when I think about it in retrospect some of my favorite vacations where when I was a young child and my family would go from the suburbs of Chicago where I lived and would spend a week or a weekend in Indiana. It wasn't anything like a luxury vacation. But to form a city suburb to a very small town in Indiana was interesting. 

11. The reason I started writing blog posts
I believe everyone has a story, life makes them different. I have a handful of health problems, I'm a parent and I like to do things. I started this blog to learn about my problems, but at the same time help other people. I liked hearing stories, holidays and things that made people happy. People who aren't exactly like me, but live in this same beautiful world. In the end, I hope to connect people. Help them learn about new ways of living new cultures and life that people are afraid to talk about. 

12. Dream Vacation.
My dream vacation would definitely be somewhere like Louisana. I love watching videos about the culture, and all the mystery. I've always had a love for parapsychology, and cryptozoology, and with all lore wrapped up in the area, I know I'd love to hava chance to understand or to be one step close to what I believe about New Orleans.

13. Something I really want.
It might come to a shock to people, but there's really not a lot of things that I really want. While I would like a reasonably nice digital camera, perhaps a DSLR camera. It's not something that I would really want. It's just something that I think is cool. 

14. What my significant other likes most about me
My laughter. 

15. The meaning behind my blog name:
Amythst Moon has tons of meaning as I'll soon explain. Amethyst is my sister's birthstone color, and one of my favorite stones. Amethysts are known to be a healing stone, and it a calming stone, and it balances energy, (if you believe that stuff). As I said I wrote this blog to help me and help my self so Amethyst is meant to heal.

As for the Moon part. Goes with the quote I have on the front page, ""Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." It's a reminder to myself and a remeinder to my readers. The moon is a great place to reach but if you make it to the stars, it's just as good. It's to remind me anyone else life is beautiful.

16. My favorite movie.
My favorite movie is most definitely The Crow with Brandon Lee. I loved it because of the love between Eric and Shelly. For someone to love another person that much. That to me is beautitful. 

17. My favorite song.
I love tons of music so the next two songs are by far one of those toughest things to pick or even mention. It's so hard to pick one song that's my actual favorite. One song I really like right now is Special by Shinedown. I remind me that I'm no better than someone else and someone else isn't better than I am. Our life isn't a race. Deep songs are some of my favorite things.

18. My favorite bands/musicians.
I can't just let it settle at "band," so I'm listing my top 5 musical acts I love so that you can check them out on Spotify. A lot of them are so random so be warned 1. Good Charlotte 2. Amaranthe 3.Seether 4. Marshmello 5. Fit for Rivals.

19. 3 things that upset me.
People who don't know much about medication conditions and judge people who do have them. People don't give another person a chance, no matter what it is. Everyone deserves a chance to what they like, as long as it's legal. Finally, another thing would when people are harsh with their critique, I don't mind some positive criticism but the people who like critique someone to the point it hurts. It upsets me.

20. 3 things that make me happy.
My children, music, and Freya

21. The last movie you saw in the theater
It was Star Wars: The Force Awakens

22. Someone I miss.
My son Gabriel, who has passed away when he was 15 weeks gestation. I'll write a post about him on Sunday by the way.  I also miss my dad, but the way I miss my dad is not the same as the way that I miss Gabriel.

23. Someone I love.
My husband, my kids, R(11), V(7), J (5) and my angel baby Gabriel. Beyond family, I love a good friend of mine. She lives in Montana, and we've drifted apart a little bit. I still love her. She's always going through a lot, but I want to let her know that even if I'm silent and not saying anything, that I do care that I do love her

24. Do I have kids
Yes I have kids as I said above, I have 4 of them, one being my angel baby. 

25. How many hours of sleep did I get last night?
Last night? Or all of yesterday. I've been nursing a really bad migraine and slept for nearly 20 hours yesterday.

26. Something you miss from your childhood
The toys, I really miss the old school The Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pockets Tinker Toys, and Splat the Boardgame

27. A book you could read over and over
The Bagavagita

28. Something I got in trouble for as a child
Screaming for no reason at all, and taking my shoes off in places that I shouldn't. It'd take my shoes off when I went out to eat all the time a  child.

29. 3 Things that annoy me easily.
Blogger, sometimes it doesn't want to cooperate with me and I'm fixing a blog post for what feels like 20 billion times.

30. My favorite animal.
Rats, cats, and frogs

31. My pets.
Monkey and Freya. Freya is the diva that helps me write the occasional Freya posts.

32. Something that’s currently worrying me
My health, I have a problem with my migraines, they go and come back and when they come back it's BAD BAD. There are some moments when I can't talk at all or start stuttering. The doctor said she couldn't do anything for me, so not its time to wait for the neurologist to call for an appointment.

33. An embarrassing moment
I was walking around Meijer one day with the hubby, and talking to him about something. I don't know what. I don't know how it even happened. But I ran right into she shelving nearly knocking it over and causing me to bruise almost instantly.

34. What my last text message says
I lost my phone a few weeks ago, so I don't have any text messages. But I'll go with my last Facebook Message. My last Facebook message says "I want to go dumpster diving" Part of wants to dumpster dive, but on the other hand I'm crazy for wanting to through with it.

35. 3 bad habits I have.
Ripping open the cereal boxes like a "wild raccoon," Not using my seatbelt on the way to the grocery store. Bitting my chapped lips.

36. My future goals: 
I hope to one day write a publish books. I want my first book to a children's book, and hopefully, I could branch out from there.

37. My favorite stores.
I love any stores that I can save money on. Meijer and Walmart both have clothes that are reasonable, and I love Aldi because the price of gluten-free food isn't that bad.

38. My favorite food.
Fruit. The blood orange is one of my favorite fruits. But I'll eat any fruit if I can get my hand on. Lemon, Lime, Tomato (tomatoes are fruits) and the list goes on.

\39. Something I’m talented at.
According to my little sister, I can comprehend a lot of text, repeat facts, and know "big words".

40. My idea of a perfect date.
Snacking on the couch with my loved one and watching a movie. I don't like going out a lot

41. My celebrity crush.
I have a few Olof Morock, Travis Fimmel, and Shaun Morgan
Image result for Olof Mörck
Olof source wikipedia
Image result for Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel source: YouTube
shaun morgan
Shaun Morgan source Elkablog
42. My favorite YouTube channels.
Good Mythical Morning, Special Books by Special Kids, Dr. Mike, Doctor Mama Jones, and Facts (The Irish Folk Version)

43. Something I would like to learn
Backgammon and free-running

44. Your favorite cereal
Mom's Best Crispy Cocoa Rice Cereal. You'll be hearing a lot more about this cereal by the way.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5 tips to make Gluten-Free eating 10x’s easier

Arthur Ashe was once quoted, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” I love quotes, but sometimes they go above my head and don’t sink in. This quote came across right when I needed it, right when I started buckling and thinking about what’s going on in my life. Don’t worry I’m safe—it was my diet.

But now when I think about my trips about going gluten-free, things are making more sense, yes going gluten-free is in some ways huge shift in how you eat, I was sure I felt earth shift below my feet, I had a list of things I couldn’t enjoy anymore (at least I was sure I couldn’t eat anymore), just because of gluten. In all reality, it’s not like that all. You will reinvent meals, you will scratch old meals. But when having a life-changing dietary change, you ‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” It’s now going to be my motivation.

On this road the last few weeks alone I learned a lot about becoming gluten-free and what to do. Because I felt overwhelmed, both price wise and having foods I loved ripped from my arms. Taco Bell used to be one of my favorite places to eat, but after some amazing tips I’m going to survive and not worry about Taco Bell or what I can’t eat anymore.

Here are 5 tips to make gluten-free eating 10x’s easier :

Tip 1: Learn to Pinterest: Pinterest has many gluten-free recipes and options to try. I love looking around there are so many cheap gluten-free recipes on Pinterest and gluten-free ideas that even I became overwhelmed.

Tip 2: Take a shopping date, shopping field trip or whatever you want to call it with your spouse and/or kids. Just to get an idea about what gluten-free foods your store orders and the price of the items. It’s a lot easier than going blindly into the store to find out they don’t have anything that you’d eat, or that it’s higher priced.
A homemade gluten free muffin (I'll post the ingredients Saturday)

Tip 3: Stay clear of the “gluten-free section.” The gluten-free section is nice, they have gluten-free food conveniently placed so that that consumer will flock to a certain area and spend their money there. But there are many other places in stores that sell gluten-free food. I walked around my local Meijer and Wal-Mart to notice there were other foods that were listed as “gluten-free”, it just takes time to look.

Another huge reason to stay way from the gluten-free section is that, with the right incidents that cost a lot less, you can make your own cookies, bread, pasta, or whatever it may be. Just like the regular part of the store, you can pick up a box of cookies, but the ingredients to make it are a ton cheaper. It takes time to look.

Tip 4: Learn what other foods are gluten-free: Start looking at foods that are gluten-free, fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, some vegetarian foods are even gluten-free! A prime example was when my husband and I were talking about our meal plan this week. I brought up wanting to have stir-fry, both vegetarian and gluten-free. Meijer, where I went to get my ingredients, both had had GF, soy sauce and GF and vegetarian beef strips, making my meal plan not too far off my old vegetarian stir-fry, it’s just going to hurt my stomach (hopefully)

Tip 5:
Check stores like Aldi’s and dollar stores to save money. A little over a month ago, I had no clue that Aldi and some of the other dollar stores actually have gluten-free food! Yes! Gluten-free food! From cake mixes to bread, and even on to cookies, rice, pasta, and bagels. There are so many options at Aldi, and a lot of the options are a lot cheaper than an actual grocery store.

With these 5 basic tips for shopping gluten-free, I hope you will make going gluten-free a ton easier. I wish everyone on a gluten-free journey, good-luck!

For more of my gluten-free journey check here are some posts:

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7 Ways to become the Diva Cat You Always Wanted.

This post was written in conjunction with my best friend, a furry little feline named Freya. You may remember her from some of my previous posts, 9 Reasons That Make Freya Angry, Tag Thursday: Furry Friend Tag, Freya Edition and Freya's favorite 5. Because it's been mentioned so many time times that she's a diva and won't leave me alone while I'm typing my blog posts, and while I was writing my update, she sat on top of me and on top of my keyboard until I told her that I'd write a post about her. I'm keeping to that promise.

Because Freya is a total diva, she wanted to explain to every cat, how to become a diva, because, she believes it's extremely important. All cats have diva-like potential, some are born with it, others earn the potential. If you need to learn it, listen up! Here are some of Freya's tips for being a diva!

1. If you human wants to carry you to the food bowl let them

Don't put up a fight, just chill. If another human catches your human walking you to the food bowl. Why walk when you don't have to? If they don't want to carry you to the food bowl, don't push the issue too much, walking like a diva to your bowl and strutting to the bowl works just as well.

2. Get an automatic watering dish filled with bottled water

An automatic watering dish like the one below has become my favorite dish ever! I used to splash my water in my old bowl because it didn't move. You know what they say about moving water? It's fresh and fresh water is the best. When you get the water. Do not lick out of the bowl itself, lick the spout that the water comes out of!

3. Have a spot right in or by the window

You should always have a spot right in the window or next to it. Let the neighbors and the neighborhood cats know that you're a diva. There was a cat that I was rivals with when I lived outside. She came by my place, I could see her from the window two stories down and told her, "Go away," and she listened!

4. Do not allow your humans to tell you when to do things

If you're not hungry, don't tell them you need to eat. If you don't want to be touched tell them no, and when you want to be touched bother them. But if you want to play, give them your toy and if they're not paying attention meow. Even if you don't meow much, meow when you have a toy, they'll usually look at you and ask, "Do you want to play kitty?" Usually, then they'll play with you, and give you tons of attention and praise.

5. Don't allow people to take your photo

This isn't exactly like the last thing to do, it's a bit different. Humans like taking pictures of their kitties, they say it's cute and that they want other people to think you're cute too. People are weird. So what should kitties do if they don't want their pictures taken? Walk away, sniff the phone or camera, and then if they still don't listen and insist that you need to be in a photo, give them the stink eye. It makes my human girl stop taking photos of me.

6.  Share your bed with humans

Don't let your humans tell you that your bed is their bed, that's a load of garbage! My girl human sleeps on my bed every night and likes typing her blog posts on it, she says that it's comfortable. It's a queensized bed, a female cat is a queen, it's not a coincidence.

7. Make your human write blog posts about you 

I made girl human write about me today. I wouldn't leave her alone. I told her it'd be nice to write about me. When girl human said she's writing about me, I set my paw on her hand and helped her write about me. Then I told her I was falling asleep on my bed, and any photos that she needed to take of me, she probably already has. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lessons only my father could have taught me

 One of my Mama Kat's prompts put my thinking ears on and because I'm letting creativity flow lately, it hit that place in my mind that I really just had to post a prompt that hit at home at least a little bit.
“I wanted Mr. Rogers be my dad so I could live in his neighborhood and he could love me just the way I am.” (inspired by Cottage by the Sea). What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?
-Prompt Suggestion by Mama Kat-

This was my dad. He was your average everyday dad. As average as a girl would get. I'd see him every other weekend until I got older. When I got older he had the internet. The place where I could talk to people and escape the world around me. My world even with my dad in it wasn't how I wanted my world to be. Being autistic, and having problems in my life that I never really understood. But my dad was there for me. 
Image may contain: 1 person
My dad allowed me to have the freedom that I wished a lot of kids had. We didn't have all this money, in fact, we had hardly any money all growing up. The things we did for fun when I wasn't using the internet was going to swap meets, going to the library, and going to the beach.

If it wasn't for my dad I probably wouldn't have done half the things I'm doing now. Writing, blogging and being an animal lover. He was able to push me, drive me and didn't give up on. me. 

The one thing he did for me which wasn't his fault gave me his health issues. He had lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Chrons, and what I think may actually have been a gluten issue. He was given so many diagnoses that my mom said I don't even think my dad really know what he had. But for him to live as long as he did. That to me was amazing.

I'm not happy that my dad died in the bathroom, and that nobody found him until a fwe days later. But what I am happy is that he's not suffering anymore. If I have a little bit of what my dad felt on a daily basis the suffering sounds horrendous. I don't want to die, but to go quickly rather than ensure more problems was the best for him. 

But what if could have a celebrity dad

Dear dad, this has nothing against you. You've taught me the world you've told me some great lessons, and now you opened my mind to illnesses that I never would have understood. Thank you. Here I am thinking about celebrities that I would have loved to have been my father, while it's not easy because I never thought about having my dad as a celebrity. 

 Even if my brother, sister and I compared him jokingly to a turtle or a Bigfoot. I'm not going to choose Harry from Hary and the Hendersons as my father. The father I want would be one that still taught me things and helped me grow into the woman I am today.

The father I would have loved to have been my dad would have been Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. I love the show from when I was younger, for you know the typical reasons why a young girl would love watching home improvement. Johnathan Taylor Thomas was "mine" that's all that I could understand.

Now that I'm adult and stepped away from the Randy, Mark, and Brad and I look toward Tim and the way that he raised his sons. I see a lot of things that I would have learned from him. Building things, how to get along with my siblings and finding new ways to have fun. Ways that weren't the same as my own dad. Even after the changes with the boys, I would have been allowed to change so well. That was a pretty cool thing to happen. 

Long Story Short
Thank you, dad, for being the most amazing dad that I could have ever imagined. You made me the woman that I am today. Just because I'm not in the best health all the time that doesn't mean that I couldn't still have the drive and the know-how about how to get things done. 

Tim was great, and Tim wasn't my dad. I just watched him while watching TV with my dad. May, just maybe my own dad learned things from Tim the Tool man Taylor that rubbed off on to show him how to be a father. If not, I took a little bit from both of these men and I thank them so much. Thank you, dad, 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Vegetarian-Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies!

Repeat after me, vegan and gluten-free peanut butter cookies! There's no milk, not even soy milk in this beautiful recipe. All we have is simple ingredients that you can most likely find in your kitchen.

I give all my thank you to my husband who came up with this amazing recipe! He was looking for an egg free, dairy free peanut butter cookie recipe one night, aggravated that they had so many ingredients, applesauce, or something that people don't have laying around their house. That really puts a damper on things if you want to have a peanut butter cookie and you have allergies!

Enough of me going on and on about these cookies here's the recipe so that you can have peanut butter cookies just like grandma used to make

The Recipe

1/2 Cup of Sugar 
2 tsps of Vanilla Extract
3/4 cup of coconut flour and 1/2 cup King Arthur's GF flower
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup water
1 cup peanut butter

What to do

1. Preheat the oven to 350
2. Mix the sugar, flour, baking soda and flour together in a small bowl.
3. Mix peanut butter water, and vanilla extract together ina another small bowl
4. Add dry bowl to the liquid bowl slowly so that liquid and dry mix nicely and don't cause any unneeded clumps 
5. Once ingredients are combined roll the dough into 1inch balls and smash the balls in a criss-cross manner
6. Put in oven for 13 minutes

Batch makes 1 dozen cookies!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

This is a do or die situation Are you a match? Sign up and find out!

This isn't a sponsored post, but a post that I really felt compelled to write for a long time. It's not that I didn't want to write a post about Be The Match, and why people should sign up. But since I'm unable to donate, because chronic illnesses, the only way I could actually help is to share this message to you guys.

I heard about Be The Match last March after I watched a Good Mythical Morning video. We all know how much I love Rhett and Link's chemistry. But this particular day things changed. I was watching a video about a one young man's wish to meet Rhett and Link because he was going to die within a year if he didn't receive bone marrow.

Amazingly enough, the young man in the video was able to get a bone marrow donor! It's exciting news! I cried knowing this man could die and I cried happy tears knowing that someone was able to help him. I can't even imagine how it feels to know that you're going to live, because someone was able to donate. Or to even know that you were able to help save someone's life. Just the thought alone brings tears to my eyes and gets me emotional.

If you signed up with someone else you're already in the database

I've read this a lot when I'm scrolling through comments on their feed. A lot of the time if you've sent your swabs in from another company they all share their info together. There's no need to retest, or cover all the bases. The amazing folks at Be The Match have your information already!

These guys are able to answer any question you have:

I don't mean these guys as in Rhett or Link. I mean the Be the Match folks. All of the sponsored posts they have on Facebook, they're asked half a million questions and are able to answer their questions or address any concerns. From the people that are confused about donating they're there to help. Cool right? 

If you can't donate share the word

Last but not least, I want people to share the word. If you can send in your swab.  When I mention about sharing the word. You don't need to share my blog post, talk to your friends, share whatever way you feel comfortable. Help save a life!