Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lessons only my father could have taught me

 One of my Mama Kat's prompts put my thinking ears on and because I'm letting creativity flow lately, it hit that place in my mind that I really just had to post a prompt that hit at home at least a little bit.
“I wanted Mr. Rogers be my dad so I could live in his neighborhood and he could love me just the way I am.” (inspired by Cottage by the Sea). What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?
-Prompt Suggestion by Mama Kat-

This was my dad. He was your average everyday dad. As average as a girl would get. I'd see him every other weekend until I got older. When I got older he had the internet. The place where I could talk to people and escape the world around me. My world even with my dad in it wasn't how I wanted my world to be. Being autistic, and having problems in my life that I never really understood. But my dad was there for me. 
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My dad allowed me to have the freedom that I wished a lot of kids had. We didn't have all this money, in fact, we had hardly any money all growing up. The things we did for fun when I wasn't using the internet was going to swap meets, going to the library, and going to the beach.

If it wasn't for my dad I probably wouldn't have done half the things I'm doing now. Writing, blogging and being an animal lover. He was able to push me, drive me and didn't give up on. me. 

The one thing he did for me which wasn't his fault gave me his health issues. He had lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Chrons, and what I think may actually have been a gluten issue. He was given so many diagnoses that my mom said I don't even think my dad really know what he had. But for him to live as long as he did. That to me was amazing.

I'm not happy that my dad died in the bathroom, and that nobody found him until a fwe days later. But what I am happy is that he's not suffering anymore. If I have a little bit of what my dad felt on a daily basis the suffering sounds horrendous. I don't want to die, but to go quickly rather than ensure more problems was the best for him. 

But what if could have a celebrity dad

Dear dad, this has nothing against you. You've taught me the world you've told me some great lessons, and now you opened my mind to illnesses that I never would have understood. Thank you. Here I am thinking about celebrities that I would have loved to have been my father, while it's not easy because I never thought about having my dad as a celebrity. 

 Even if my brother, sister and I compared him jokingly to a turtle or a Bigfoot. I'm not going to choose Harry from Hary and the Hendersons as my father. The father I want would be one that still taught me things and helped me grow into the woman I am today.

The father I would have loved to have been my dad would have been Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. I love the show from when I was younger, for you know the typical reasons why a young girl would love watching home improvement. Johnathan Taylor Thomas was "mine" that's all that I could understand.

Now that I'm adult and stepped away from the Randy, Mark, and Brad and I look toward Tim and the way that he raised his sons. I see a lot of things that I would have learned from him. Building things, how to get along with my siblings and finding new ways to have fun. Ways that weren't the same as my own dad. Even after the changes with the boys, I would have been allowed to change so well. That was a pretty cool thing to happen. 

Long Story Short
Thank you, dad, for being the most amazing dad that I could have ever imagined. You made me the woman that I am today. Just because I'm not in the best health all the time that doesn't mean that I couldn't still have the drive and the know-how about how to get things done. 

Tim was great, and Tim wasn't my dad. I just watched him while watching TV with my dad. May, just maybe my own dad learned things from Tim the Tool man Taylor that rubbed off on to show him how to be a father. If not, I took a little bit from both of these men and I thank them so much. Thank you, dad, 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Vegetarian-Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies!

Repeat after me, vegan and gluten-free peanut butter cookies! There's no milk, not even soy milk in this beautiful recipe. All we have is simple ingredients that you can most likely find in your kitchen.

I give all my thank you to my husband who came up with this amazing recipe! He was looking for an egg free, dairy free peanut butter cookie recipe one night, aggravated that they had so many ingredients, applesauce, or something that people don't have laying around their house. That really puts a damper on things if you want to have a peanut butter cookie and you have allergies!

Enough of me going on and on about these cookies here's the recipe so that you can have peanut butter cookies just like grandma used to make

The Recipe

1/2 Cup of Sugar 
2 tsps of Vanilla Extract
3/4 cup of coconut flour and 1/2 cup King Aurthurs
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup water
1 cup peanut butter

What to do

1. Preheat the oven to 350
2. Mix the sugar, flour, baking soda and flour together in a small bowl.
3. Mix peanut butter water, and vanilla extract together ina another small bowl
4. Add dry bowl to the liquid bowl slowly so that liquid and dry mix nicely and don't cause any unneeded clumps 
5. Once ingredients are combined roll the dough into 1inch balls and smash the balls in a criss-cross manner
6. Put in oven for 13 minutes

Batch makes 1 dozen cookies!

If there's any questions or anything that you're not sure about substituting as an ingredient,  feel free to ask, we will get back to you.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

This is a do or die situation Are you a match? Sign up and find out!

This isn't a sponsored post, but a post that I really felt compelled to write for a long time. It's not that I didn't want to write a post about Be The Match, and why people should sign up. But since I'm unable to donate, because chronic illnesses, the only way I could actually help is to share this message to you guys.

I heard about Be The Match last March after I watched a Good Mythical Morning video. We all know how much I love Rhett and Link's chemistry. But this particular day things changed. I was watching a video about a one young man's wish to meet Rhett and Link because he was going to die within a year if he didn't receive bone marrow.

Amazingly enough, the young man in the video was able to get a bone marrow donor! It's exciting news! I cried knowing this man could die and I cried happy tears knowing that someone was able to help him. I can't even imagine how it feels to know that you're going to live, because someone was able to donate. Or to even know that you were able to help save someone's life. Just the thought alone brings tears to my eyes and gets me emotional.

If you signed up with someone else you're already in the database

I've read this a lot when I'm scrolling through comments on their feed. A lot of the time if you've sent your swabs in from another company they all share their info together. There's no need to retest, or cover all the bases. The amazing folks at Be The Match have your information already!

These guys are able to answer any question you have:

I don't mean these guys as in Rhett or Link. I mean the Be the Match folks. All of the sponsored posts they have on Facebook, they're asked half a million questions and are able to answer their questions or address any concerns. From the people that are confused about donating they're there to help. Cool right? 

If you can't donate share the word

Last but not least, I want people to share the word. If you can send in your swab.  When I mention about sharing the word. You don't need to share my blog post, talk to your friends, share whatever way you feel comfortable. Help save a life!

Monday, April 1, 2019

It's Poetry Month and I'm scared!

You know how I'm a fan of holidays and poetry? I had no clue that this month is actually National Poetry Month! I know a National Day isn't really a holiday, it's a pretty cool idea to have National Poetry Month. I think about the advice I read about blogging and not holding back and I'm scared. I'm afraid people won't like it.

I'm scared that I can't write poetry anymore

Poetry and creative writing aren't easy, and creative juices don't always flow when I want them to. I'm aware of that, but if I can this month I may try to share some of my own poetry with others. I've shared one or two the past few years and people liked them. I don't know if I even have a poet left inside of me.

Does the poet inside of someone become dormant or stop completely or is there a way to revive your love for something you've once loved doing? One reason I stopped was that I was told not to force myself to write, it's not going to come out well if I do. But since I haven't forced myself or pushed myself a least a little bit, I've stopped completely. I'm almost ashamed to admit it happened. What on earth has happened to me?

What I plan on doing about not being able to push myself

Maybe the phrase 'pushing myself' isn't exactly what I'm going to be doing this month, just because it's national poetry month, but what I'm going to be doing is hoping that I'll get my drive back. My plans? I'm going to do exactly what I did in the past when I started falling in love with poetry, I'm going to read poetry, learn about the different types. I'm not going to force myself to write. That's never going to happen, but if it comes back to me. I'm going to let it flow. I don't care what I'm doing or where I am at. I'm going to let it flow.

Another thing I'm going to be doing is disconnecting from technology for a few hours a day. No internet, no phone, no TV, I'm going to allow my brain to do what it used to do. There was once a time where I'd sit in my room as a teenager and just let my mind flow. I don't do that anymore, now that I don't feel like it's the 'adult thing to do'. If I'm able to do it, it's going to be what I do every day. 

Be prepared...maybe

I'm hoping if my creativity comes back, at least a little bit, that soon I'll be able to post some of my poetry. I'm hoping that it'll all go back to normal and I can be the creative poet that I once was in my teen and young adult years, before it was killed by someone, but only time will tell. 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday PSA: If you're making other's happy, make sure you're happy as well

I found this photo on Facebook, I don't know who the original creator was, so if the original creator can step forward, I will remove the photo or give you credit.

How this photo spoke to me: I don't know about everyone lately, but it's been a week that's felt so long. I've tried keeping everyone happy. I tried to make everyone else smile. Everyone except for myself. It wasn't like my weekend was bad nor my life was bad, but I didn't think I needed to come first.

Why did I need to be number one? My husband, my kids, my family, my pets. They all need me to be there for them. I don't tend to think about how I need to smile for them.

It wasn't until I saw the photo that it made sense:
As soon as this photo was part of my Facebook feed, when I needed time to think. I couldn't figure out why my moods were crazy. Why I didn't feel as full as I did when I helped people and saw the happiness in their eyes. I am someone too! I can't forget that I won't forget that.

Back to that Oprah-like advice:  It was November when I did that writing prompt the one that kind of changed the way I saw things. I'm not reminded that If I want to be selfless and be kind like my grandma was. I needed to learn not to bite off more than  I can chew. We are all human and we need to remember that we are all human. We also meaning me.

Because of that I'm not going to change the way I blog, the way that I find things that can help others, but I'm also going to find ways that I can smile the way that I can make my life feel a little more complete as well. That's what this blog is for to help other's learn what my life was like show people aspects of my life, but also help others. This is one of those aspects that need to be changed a little bit.

Back to that Oprah-like advice; Share whatever it may be in your life your smile, your happiness, your selflessness. Just remember that you too are somebody, give yourself some happiness, a smile or whatever it may be. You matter as well.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Friday, March 22, 2019

52 Week Photo Challenge Week: 14 Sunglare

There's no better subject for a week task centered on sun flare than having a cat in the window. My subject? Freya, the biggest diva ever! As long as you don't let her know that she's getting her photo taken she's fine with it. She's not a photo-friendly cat. Divas. 

As I was fixing this picture I had my radio playing on random and one of Freya's favorite songs, The theory of a Deadman's Cover of"Halleluja" Freya knows the video has a cute little kitty on it. I don't know if she likes music video cats or what but she loves Tyler's vocals during the song. 

Anyway, this is what I came up with after I fixed the photo. The first thing I did was try to reinforce the sun flare, because the photo that I took, didn't have as much of a solar flare as I wanted. It was pretty easy to fix. Then I turned the photo black and white and focused on Freya.

Needless to say, sun flare isn't exactly as visible as I wanted it to be. But I'm going to keep the photo as it is. I like it, and I don't know if reinforcing the photo flare would ruin my photo.