Tuesday, April 2, 2019

This is a do or die situation Are you a match? Sign up and find out!

This isn't a sponsored post, but a post that I really felt compelled to write for a long time. It's not that I didn't want to write a post about Be The Match, and why people should sign up. But since I'm unable to donate, because chronic illnesses, the only way I could actually help is to share this message to you guys.

I heard about Be The Match last March after I watched a Good Mythical Morning video. We all know how much I love Rhett and Link's chemistry. But this particular day things changed. I was watching a video about a one young man's wish to meet Rhett and Link because he was going to die within a year if he didn't receive bone marrow.

Amazingly enough, the young man in the video was able to get a bone marrow donor! It's exciting news! I cried knowing this man could die and I cried happy tears knowing that someone was able to help him. I can't even imagine how it feels to know that you're going to live, because someone was able to donate. Or to even know that you were able to help save someone's life. Just the thought alone brings tears to my eyes and gets me emotional.

If you signed up with someone else you're already in the database

I've read this a lot when I'm scrolling through comments on their feed. A lot of the time if you've sent your swabs in from another company they all share their info together. There's no need to retest, or cover all the bases. The amazing folks at Be The Match have your information already!

These guys are able to answer any question you have:

I don't mean these guys as in Rhett or Link. I mean the Be the Match folks. All of the sponsored posts they have on Facebook, they're asked half a million questions and are able to answer their questions or address any concerns. From the people that are confused about donating they're there to help. Cool right? 

If you can't donate share the word

Last but not least, I want people to share the word. If you can send in your swab.  When I mention about sharing the word. You don't need to share my blog post, talk to your friends, share whatever way you feel comfortable. Help save a life!

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