Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What do you think about when you see sample labels? A cool little DIY project!

Ever have one of those slightly weird creative moments that make you wonder if you're actually sane? I just had one of those. What happened was a little over a week ago, I got something in the mail from Lightning Labels, I must've seen it on a freebie site, and signed up to the freebie. The labels were cool and I really didn't want to toss them. Why toss something so beautiful?
This is my crazy label pile. Tons of different labels for different things. 
It was the folder that kept the bag of labels in it, that gave me the idea that I wanted to work with. It says food, beverage, lip balm, household, bath & body, and health and nutraceutical. I don't have any of that stuff though! But I did make do with what I had. I had an empty syrup bottle, a honey bottle that I kept my cotton balls in, an essential oil roller and an empty pill bottle that could use some revamping!  I was excited!
My boring little pile of bottles

From the idea of the syrup bottle and the honey bottle, I remembered I had a boring old blue essential oil container. I was going to revamp them. I had a chance to be somewhat creative and show off how cool their labels are.

The Oil Roller

I had two different sicker options when it came to this roller, they looked almost the same except for the fact that one of the stickers was shiny. I Didn't want anymore shine as I thought it would make the roller look tacky. The sticker is actually used for Lip Balm, I don't have any lip balm containers, unfortunately. 

The Syrup Bottle

From the day saw the bottle and painted it, I've always said that it reminded me of a bottle of alcocol and not syrup. It was my lucky day to find a bourbon sticker along with a sticker that said "Lightning Lable's Est. 2002" I did what dreamt of doing with my old syrup bottle. The before pictures don't do it justice at all. The back looks awesome, and so does the front, even though the label didn't fit like a glove. It still looks better than it did before!
After front

After back

Honey Bottles

I had so many choices when it came to a label for my honey bottle. I had two differen't styles to work with and I got overwhelmed. It was either BOPP in two colors white and two different laminates; matte and gloss. Or I could use squeezable polyolefin. Both sounded cool. I ended up choosing the polyofefin over the BOPP. Mainly because of the wording
Option One
Option 2
The boring bottle before! 
The New and Improved Bottle 

I still have a handful of labels and some ideas floating around in my head. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll be able to come up with some new ideas and I'll be sure to post them. 

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