Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Don't Hold Back, Let Your Creative Side Free!

This question is geared towards all the creative folk out in the world? Be honest, when was the last time you let your creative juices fly on their own accord? When was the last time you sat down and wrote, painted or wrote a song? If you're thinking that it all doesn't really matter or that you haven't had a chance to be creative lately, because you've been busy or chose to do something else. That's just fine but you should really let your creative juices fly more often.

Why we need to be creative more often

Pent up creativity means pent up emotions and pent up emotions can cause tons of problems. Stress, anxiety, and eventually you'll start avoiding situations that may be too much for you to handle because you're afraid you'll be too emotional in public. 

It's not like you need to spend the whole day being creative if you don't want to. Just allow you enough time to let your emotions overflow onto your canvas, onto the paper, or on to your guitar. You don't even need to let others see what you created when you're tapping into your emotions unless you need to. 

Are you in control of your emotions without being creative? If you're one of that kind of folks, more power to you. But you do know if you don't use your creativity you lose it right? Nobody truly wants to lose that creative side. It's not easy to find stuff you've lost. Even if what you lost is your creativity.

Why I and some other's don't act on our creativity

My biggest reason for not acting on my creativity has nothing to do with the fear of losing it, or the fear of letting my emotions out. It's the fear that someone might judge me or that someone might think that my creativity isn't up to their standards. Yeah, I worry about other people when I write, like I think that they're going to be upset with something I've written, even if they never read what I wrote anyway. 

Nobody should be afraid of their creativity, and nobody should be afraid of others opinions. It's not like we really have to show anyone our creative side unless we want to. I know sometimes by accident our drawings or writing is on display. It happens, but at least our emotions are free. At least we're able to let go of our emotions.

Forget other's rules

This post was spawned from my previous post about blogging advice. I let other's dictate my creativity and I've let other's dictate how I should blog. Now that I'm undoing some of the damage that's been done to my creative side. Thoughts are coming easier. I'm not thinking about how something should be said. 

Be yourself. Be happy that you've gotten the gift of creativty. Not everyone gets a gift like this. But most of all if you let your creativity be the way you want it to be, not how other's want you to be. You'll stick out and once you stick out, more people will pay attention. Once more people pay attention, there's going to be more creative minds that let themselves do their own thing. Making the world more exciting.

So next time you want to be creative on your own accord. Let it go. Let it flow. 

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