Monday, January 7, 2019

The Simplest Blogging Advice You Could Ever Get

If you're new to blogging or having trouble blogging, I Mandy Wallace's blog and the tip was that you don't need to write academically or even formally to write a blog, let it come the way it comes. She also said all blogs need to be able to do is go down easy and make sure they're easy to understand.
learned a very simple lesson today one that surprised me! One that I really changed the game when it came to blogging. The tip came from

This is such a valuable lesson. I really thought it was great learning proper grammar, it's what other sites told me to do! I should have learned from the past, when other people tell you how to do things their way or the "right way", it can lead to boredom.

Let me correct the last sentence and clarify myself. It can lead to boredom and it did. I thought perfect grammar was important. So I'd sit for hours learning structure, and unlearning what felt natural. I'm pretty awful when it comes to writing how "I'm supposed to write." I felt unnatural. I wanted my blog to be me, but it wasn't me, it was what I thought needed to be done.

It'll take time to undo what I knew.

Getting back to being myself in my writing can and will take time. It's not like I can wake up one day and write more lax, and write the way that I want to write. It'll take time to let the old me resurface but with some time alone and possibly a little bit of practice. My writing will mirror my mind and personality. Did I say mirror my mind? That's not exactly what I was going for. It's my personality. A snapshot of who I am. 

My advice from Mandy's Advice.

When I think about her advice. It's not just blogging that comes to mind. It's life, a lot of the time we don't let things flow. We're afraid that we'll overflow the river banks and make a mess. If the mess is natural, and it shows the real you. As long as it's legal, let it happen. Let things happen, don't let someone change your flow. We only have one life. Let it flow. 

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