Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beat Monday and Tuesday boredom with these chocolate inspired recipes

Why on earth did I read “Chocolate Chips Beat the Monday Blues?” I really shouldn’t have read anything about chocolate chips, now I’m thinking about eating my laptop. We all know what I think about chocolate! I only wish I still believed that chocolate candy had gluten in it just so I didn’t get tempted by chocolate.

Okay, the thing that stopped me about this photo was the wafers (not gluten-free), and the frozen ice. I had the best desert hummus a few weeks ago from Aldi. I was going to blog about the brownie batter, but at the time I didn’t have a phone, and I almost inhaled the brownie batter. Sigh! So here we are back to the drawing board how about vegetarian and gluten-free recipes from the internet? I guess that’ll have to do until I can go grocery shopping this week.

You have a new recipe each the day this week if you want to beat the “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Blues”.

1. Chocolate Peanut butter balls: If you’re as much of peanut butter (or any nut butter) fanatic as I am, you’d be drooling after you see these beautiful peanut chocolate peanut butter balls. They look like they hold up a lot better than a lot of the chocolate recipes I’ve made in the past.
Vegan peanut butter balls smothered in chocolate on a parchment lined baking tray.
Recipe and Photo from Loving it Vegan
2. Chocolate chip cookies: They’re vegan and gluten-free. Would beat my Monday blues, and feed me throughout the week. They’d make every day of the week tasty. They're the exact reason why I had to make sure I included that this is one of those everyday things! 
Perfectly crisp & chewy, vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
Recipe and Photo from Allergylicious
3. No bake peanut butter cheesecake: I grew up in a cheesecake friendly household, and learned to love cheesecake. My eyes fell upon the peanut butter cheesecake and all I could think of was my childhood and summer time. Should I have added this to my bucket list?
Front view of a slice of No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake on a plate with a bite taken out with the rest of the cheesecake in the background
Recipe and Photo from Joy Food Sunshine
4. “The best vegan brownies”: What’s a list of chocolate deserts without brownies? I was going to post the previous brownie recipe, but I saw this one, and the melted chocolate on the top looks delicious and makes Monday a little bit better.
The BEST vegan gluten-free Brownies
Photo and recipe from Vanilla Crunch
5. Chocolate Truffles: I’m new to truffles and admit I never had one, but this recipe makes everything about chocolate truffles delicious. What I really like is the option to omit the alcohol if you don’t use alcohol! I wouldn’t be able to have it if there wasn’t an option to omit the Kahlua.
6. Pudding Pretzel Pie: If my grandpa was still alive, this recipe would be one that would be right after his own heart. He loved pie and he really loved sharing a dessert with everyone that would visit. I’m almost certain that this would be one that he’d be sharing with others.
Gluten-Free/Vegan Chocolate Pudding Pretzel Pie! Made with REAL (no-banana-avocado-or-tofu) vegan chocolate pudding. The perfect, easy dessert for guests with food allergies!
Photo and recipe from Meaningful Eats
7. No bake chocolate peanut butter bars: When the first phrase that catches my eyes on “Healthy GF Family,” is “Indulgent tasting. Yummy and Satisfying” I knew I was in the right spot. This would be one of those recipes that would be on my fridge until it falls off or until I memorized it word for word.
Photo and recipe from Healthy Gluten-Free Family

Friday, May 17, 2019

Least Favorite Friday Five: My Book Pet Peeves

Pet peeves we all have them. I have many of them, and because I did my fun little game about book adverisements earlier this week, I thought about my top 5, not so favorite pet peeves when it comes to reading a book.

Do you have any of the same pet peeves.

5. Doggy-Earring books: I get it, sometimes we’re out and about and we lose our bookmark and we’re in the mood to read. It’s rough. Even when it’s gotten rough and I was out and about, I hadn’t resorted to folding a page in the book. Once it’s folded, there’s no way to unfold it. That’s why I usually keep half a sheet of paper in my book in case I’m out and about.

4. People who put too many spoilers in reviews on Amazon or Good Reads: Normally don’t read the reviews on Good Reads or Amazon, if ever. I don’t even look at the rating. I don’t want to know the whole story, or what makes the story unreadable. I want to draw my own conclusions. Even if it is an author whose books I’ve read in the past.

3. The judgmental glances I get for reading a book in public: I rather read a paper book, than an e-book any day. I’ve sat on a bench reading a book in the lobby of Walmart waiting for my husband’s grandpa. Most of the time I’m reading a book that’s at least 50 years old, or has yet to come out and it’s an advanced readers copy. I don’t read my book in public to show off or to get judgmental glances. I’m reading the book because I want to.

2. Misplacing my book: It’s not as much of a pet peeve as much as it is something that’s happened, and I kick myself. I don’t know how many times I’ve misplaced a book, and I don’t even know how on earth I’ve done so. I’ll search high and low, and low to high. I’ll eventually find my book in the place I’ve looked over and over again.

1. Breaking the binding in: I don’t mind opening a book and allowing a book to show a little wear and tear, but I hate people who have to break the binding in. There comes a point that the pages actually fall out! It makes me sad when books come to that point. I don’t want to have to retape the pages back in, or even worse throw the book away!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

30 things I vow to do this summer: My summer bucket list

Summer is getting close. It’s already the middle of May, can you believe it? I can’t believe it! I still remember winter, and I’m still nervous that we’re going to get another snow storm before spring ends, I live in Michigan after all, and we have freak snowstorms in the middle of the fall a lot! But as of right now it looks like spring has sprung, the dandelions are in bloom, the robins are chasing after one another and haven’t had to wear my heavy coats anymore!

Because summer is near and because I saw one of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, writing prompts that were very befitting for this time of year. It’s basically a summer bucket list. It’s a list of 30 things that I vow to do this summer! I hope to be able to actually complete a quarter of the things, so wish me luck! You’ll see me chick in periodically about the tasks that I’ve finished. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a few of these done before summer starts.

30 things you vow to do this summer.

1. Take a trip to the local bookstore and browse their free book section that they have outside: It’s going to be the start of my summer reading list with a twist. I’ll explain the twist in the next thing I want to do. But I really love the book stores free boxes and shelves a little more than a lot of people do.

2. Write my summer reading list with a twist: As I said in the previous thing I want to do. By the end of this month, I should have a list of books that I can read for my summer reading list. My twist? All my books have to be free! I can’t spend a dime, not even taxes on the books. Don’t worry, not all of the books have to be from the book store. I have used books that I have on the Kindle that I got for free, books that my kid stepdaughter got from PJ Library, or their preteen and adult programs, books I found online for free, or even books that have been gifted to me.

3. Visit and blog about some local and somewhat local place: There are a handful of places around my town that I’d love to talk about. Some gems that someone would find if they visited my town. One of the places I plan on visiting is a gluten-free place that I have yet to visit.

4. Get some pretty pictures of my local park: I want to go to the park a few times summer only to take photos of stuff. The park is so beautiful, and one of the photos I took earlier this year of the park next to the park I’m at because it was so stunning.

5. Go to Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s doesn’t sound like it should be on the list, but it is for the reason that the closest Trader Joe’s is over 24 miles (a half hour trip) away! It’s not a place I can get to as often. I wouldn’t have even put Trader Joe’s on the list if not for the fact that I’ve seen a handful of people talk about stuff that makes Trader Joe’s unique.

6. Learn to penny shop at Dollar General: For those of you that don’t know about penny shopping at Dollar General, the video below explains how to penny shop a little bit and what exactly penny shopping is. But because penny shopping is a lot like a treasure hunt, I need to learn to penny hunt a little bit better.

7. Play in the sprinklers: As an adult, I admit it, I don’t do the things that the kids are doing, like playing in the sprinklers, going outside and getting wet, and enjoying summer for what it was when I was younger. I need to be one with summer time again.

8. Sit outside and stare at the stars: My husband’s grandparent’s place is secluded enough that the lights from town aren’t a problem and they don’t block out the stars and the beauty of the night sky. The summer sky is beautiful, I need to take advantage of the cool summer nights.

9. Make vegetarian and gluten-free smores: Being vegetarian and gluten-free doesn’t need to take the fun out of eating smores, I’ve done it once in the past, but instead of roasting marshmallows, I used the microwave. This summer, I plan on making some vegetarian gluten-free smores and actually roast them. Yum!

10. Take a course at the library: Our local library has tons of cool activities to do all year long. Most of the time they’re free. I haven’t taken advantage of the type of fun things that the library has to offer, but I realize I need to take advantage of our local library for what it’s worth. I may not be able to do this item if the library is the middle of moving, I’ll just have to actually schedule around the migration of the library.

11. Try a new gluten-free meal: I’m still reinventing myself meal wise. Starting from scratch is pretty scary, and not all gluten-free foods are what they seem. They’re expensive, and not all of the foods are as tasty as people make them out to be. Making gluten-free, yet a vegetarian meal is one thing that I hope to do.

12. Record a Thursday Tag video instead of writing them out: I’m camera shy, and I really need to get over it. I want to do at least one or two tags this summer and actually record them. I probably won’t post them publicly on YouTube, as I feel the dislikes may keep me from wanting to do videos.

13. Try making a vegetarian and gluten-free root beer float: I used to love root beer floats before becoming vegetarian and gluten-free. I want to be able to enjoy summer without feeling like I’m not allowed to eat or do things that I used to do. I can do them with a twist.

14. Go bird watching: One of my favorite things to do when I know I’m having a panic attack is to listen to and watch birds. I like to identify the bird I’m listening to or watching. I used to love watching birds with my grandma when I was a child, now that she’s passed on, I want to be able to continue doing what she loved and hopefully pass the love on to my own children.

15. Go Geocaching: I’ve always wanted to geocache, this year is it, I need to get a little more active, and I want to enjoy the summer as it’s meant to be enjoyed. With that said, I want to try geocaching at least twice.

16. Buy a sundress: I have been reluctant to buy one the last few years, this year, now that I’m a little more confident. I’m going to actually do it. It doesn’t even have to be at a local store, finding the perfect sundress online is still an option. There are so many places to check to find me a sundress.

17. Try growing a plant: I’m not going to start a garden, every time I try to start one, they fail. My plants die. I’m going to start small this year and grow a plant. If I can at least grow one plant, I’ll be content.

18. Create this strawberry lemonade: I saw the recipe on another summer bucket list, and it looked good. I want to try to make it. Looks delicious, doesn’t it? I’m talking about the Lightening StrawberryLavender Lemonade, and not pictures of Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

19. Make homemade fruit bars: My mom and I used to do this a lot when I was growing up, they were cheaper and tasted better than most of the popsicles. that I had growing up. This time around now that I’m older, and need to have more fruit in my diet, I’ll try to make some actual fruit pops.

20. Have a 24-hour tech detox: Sadly, I won’t be posting pictures of the 24-hour tech detox, it won’t be possible if I’m supposed to stay away from all technology! This 24 detox could possibly include reading from my summer reading list or doing some things on my bucket list that are more private. We’ll just see where it takes me.

21. Do the 24 hour Aldi challenge: This is the last food-related bucket list item I promise! Aldi has a great selection of gluten free and vegetarian foods. I’ve seen a few YouTube folks do the 24-hour meal challenge, and now I want to try it! If it’s not videotaped I will be taking photos of all the wonderful foods that I ate during my 24 hour challenge!

22. Go barefoot all day: This does mean I’ll have to take off my socks. I love wearing socks, even in the summer. This task sounds a bit scary to me. I don’t know how well I’ll do without shoes. I may start panicking somewhere in the middle, but it’s okay. I can do it! No socks, no shoes, and probably no actual walking around outside of the apartment. I can do it at the grandparent's house, but not here.

23. Draw with chalk: Drawing with chalk is one of those things I really never liked, the sound of chalk on pavement sends shivers down my spine and the feeling of chalk is a bit weird to me (it comes with being autistic). I want to get outside of my comfort zone and draw with chalk.

24. Play hopscotch: This goes with the last task as well, I want to play hopscotch with the kids. I want to have fun outdoors. If I’m already out of my comfort zone with the chalk, why not build a hopscotch board and actually play hopscotch!

25. Give me a Dollar Tree inspired pedicure: Dollar Tree really? Yeah really, they have nail polish, and stuff to give pedicures. I don’t need to spend tons of money to make my feet look pretty this summer!

26. Dumpster dive: Could my bucket list get any weirder? I’m sure it could. I’ve been stalking the dumpster diving SubReddit for some time now, and I’ve seen some really cool stuff people dumpster dove for. I checked our local ordinances to find out what’s legal where I live and what’s not. It’s legal here!

27. Do at least two random acts of kindness: We all need to be kind to one another. This summer is no different. If I can help someone or an animal. I want to do that. Again this is one of those things I will not be posting much about on my bucket list. I don’t want to do the random acts of kindness because I’m doing it for a bucket list, I just need to remember to do them more often.

28. Play frisbee: I have a few frisbees in my closet and they’re not being put to good use. Even if it is just a simple game of catch, I’m ready for the challenge. I’m ready to be outside more often.

29. Collect rocks, pinecones and other cool pieces of nature for crafts: To both inspire me to be craftier and to be closer to nature, we will be collecting rocks, pine cones and whatever else I can find around town on my nature walks so I can be crafty and one with nature.

30. Paint and decorate rocks: With some of the rocks from the last task, I want to turn the whole rock craft into an adult thing. I want to connect with my childhood self at least a little bit, but at the same time collab with my childhood self.

Instead of having both a tag and a blog post this week, I decided that this list was going to be all that I posted. I’m sorry if you were all expecting a blog tag! Maybe next week!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Happy Celiacs Awareness Month: 6 Things That have changed since going gluten-free

Welcome to May! I haven’t mentioned it much but it’s Celiac’s Awareness Month. I have yet to get a proper diagnosis, but that’s because my doctor doesn’t want me to get one. She doesn’t want me to start back to eating gluten, just to see if I test positive. The symptoms I had when I ate gluten, were the reason why I quit, and it’s okay if I don’t get a black and white answer. I’m not hurting anymore. That’s all that matters.


It’s been 5 months since I stopped eating gluten. Except for a few times where I accidentally “glutened” myself, while getting used to ingredients, and what foods are actually gluten-free, and what ones are not (Cheerios, Soy Sauce, and some Benadryl are not gluten-free by the way). I’ve had noticed a few changes, ones that I didn’t expect to have happened to me. I’m happy to finally have a new lease on life. S

1. I haven’t been as hungry: I used to be hungry all the time, and have like zero energy. I remember eating and falling asleep. It wasn’t even an hour after eating where, I felt drowsy, but hungry again. So I’d trudge to the kitchen to find a “healthy” snack, like apples, or fruit.
hungry yom kippur GIF
2. I’ve lost weight: The weight loss was the biggest surprise ever. In the past 5 months since I went gluten-free, I have lost 20 pounds. It wasn’t just myself that noticed the weight loss, my doctor even brought it up.

3. I stopped bloating: Some of my weight was bloat, and when I say bloat, it was serious bloat. My stomach was even round and hard a lot like a pregnancy belly. The days my bloat was bad, I wore maternity pants I had from my boys years ago just so I could be comfortable. I don’t need to wear my old maternity pants anymore unless I want to have one of my comfortable, loose jeans and pants day.

4. My stomach and intestinal pains stopped: I used to have really bad IBS pains, to the point I relied on Bentyl to live my day to day life. Bentyl made me tired, but also gave me really bad panic attacks, both of which took over my life. Along with my intestinal cramps, I haven’t had the really bad stomach pains that sent me to the hospital not once but twice, in fear that I had gallbladder issues.

5. My constipation left: Sorry for the TMI moment of this blog, but one of my major symptoms was constipation. I would go up to two weeks at a time without a bowel movement. I haven’t had that problem anymore. In fact I’m going once a day, or sometimes every other day. But it’s not like it was before.
those who can't tammy GIF by truTV
In my case it's she. But, I'm not dying, I can't just eat gluten. 
6. I haven’t had bad hair loss: Hair loss is actually a common symptom of Celiac’s Disease. Now that my diet has changed, I’m not running my hand through my hair just to get a clump of hair, or finding tons of my hair in places that my hair shouldn’t have fallen out at.

The things that haven’t changed as much as I would have wanted them to, were my migraines, they’re not as bad, but they’re still there. Same goes with my fibromyalgia and muscular pain, the pain and flairs aren’t as bad but they’re still here. I’m at least able to have less pain than I did in the past. Hopefully, as time goes on I’ll see more changes, even bigger changes.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

5 People will Win a 1 year subscription to Zap Zap Math

Today I made an alien robot friend, took a ride in a space ship, and played some games, The game is called Zap Zap Math, and it’s meant for kids from kindergarten to 6th grade. I was probably the most fun I’ve had playing an educational game in what seems like centuries. This is coming from the woman who loves classic educational and computer games and is still known to play games that aren’t specifically meant for children. I actually played the old DOS game, Number Munchers recently, and this game is in a league of its own.

What the game is about:

Zap Zap Math is more than just a ton of math equations, your kids get to create an avatar, a cute one-eyed alien, play games to earn points to buy outfits for your alien, or to buy items decorate your apartment and garage.

Like a lot of adult apps, logging in every day and playing a game gives you the chance to earn coins. If there’s something your kids haven’t learned yet for one grade level, there’s an option to download the app, and sign in with the same e-mail address and password and play the games on another one of the apps! Giving your child the ability to learn and earn coins.

What makes a subscription different than the free option and is it worth it?

Like most apps, there’s a free version and a there’s a paid version. The paid version is only $19.95 a year (roughly 0.60/month), With the paid version, you get more games and videos. Just recently I watched a video about prepositions (yes an English lesson!).

My suggestions and final words about the app:

If you’re a parent and want an app subscription that grows with your kid is easily affordable, engaging and easy to play, Zap Zap Math just happens to be one of those games. Kids enjoy it and I enjoy it. The game has the perfect amount of challenge that keeps a kid entertained, but doesn’t lose their attention after a period of time.

Zap Zap Math is available for IOS and Android (click on the individual grade level links to download the app for the corresponding grade):

Kindergarten: Android/IOS 
1st grade: Android/IOS 
2nd gradeAndroid/IOS

3rd grade: Android/IOS
4th grade: Android/IOS
5th grade: Android/IOS
6th grade: Android/IOS

For those interested in the game, I’m hosting a 5, 1-year subscription giveaway for all of my lucky readers!

5 entrants will be selected by the entry form to win a 1 year subscription for Zap Zap Math; valued at $19.95. Open for entry in the United States, 18 years and older from 05/14/19 thru 05/31/19. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification email to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected. The winners are drawn and confirmed, the name will be announced on my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Rafflecopter, Zap Zap Math will be responsible for sending the winners their prize.

Disclaimer: I was provided this product free for my unfiltered and honest opinion.  Everything on this post is my opinion, no matter how silly, strange, or off the wall my opinion may be. None of my thoughts are that of the company or any of its affiliates. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

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